What Is The Right Hand Itching Meaning?- Know More


Unexplainable or weird phenomena happen to us often and we begin to wonder if they mean anything or if the universe is trying to tell us something. For instance, a bird pooping on your shirt, twitching your eyes, crossing your fingers, and even an itchy palm. An itchy palm is even more suspicious when it’s on just one hand. What is the right hand itching meaning?

What Is The Right Hand Itching Meaning- Know More

An itchy right hand in many cultures indicates an inflow of money. In others, it depends on whose hand it is. If it belongs to a male, then it implies good luck but if it is a female’s, it is a sign of bad luck. However, this is for those who believe in superstitions. Scientifically, an itchy right hand could be a sign or symptom of a mild or serious medical condition.

For superstitious people, an itchy right hand could further denote that:

  •  You will make a new friend.
  •  You’re about to catch up with an old acquaintance or friend.
  •  You’re about to fall in love.
  • You’re about to make a tough decision but it will be favourable.

People who experience this are usually advised not to spend money unnecessarily and avoid gambling and other volatile investments.

No matter what you believe, you should see a doctor whenever there’s discomfort in any part of the body before complications arise. 

What Causes Right-Hand Itching?

If your right hand’s itchy, here’s what could be wrong with you:

  • Eczema or Contact Dermatitis

This is caused by the inflammation of the skin. It could present as red scaly or cracked skin, and blisters on the palms and side of the fingers. This could be a result of an allergy, stress, or a reaction to a cosmetic or household product.

  • Psoriasis

This is a chronic autoimmune disease. It could appear as tiny white blisters on the hands and feet, and cause itching. This disease can be triggered by stress, weather condition, infections, hormones, and medications.

  • Medications

An itchy hand could be a side effect of a medication. Opioids, aspirin, and some blood pressure drugs could cause itching. 

  • Allergies

This is the most common cause of an itching hand. Itchy skin is usually the first sign of an allergic reaction to jewellery, soaps, lotions, and other cosmetic products. It can also be the result of an allergy to metals like cobalt and nickel, or exposure to an irritant or chemical. Most times, itching comes with a rash, stinging, or burning. 

  • Dry Skin

Cold seasons like winter can cause dry skin which will incite itching. Also, excessive washing of hands, using a striping soap or an alcohol-based sanitiser, and bathing with water that’s too hot or cold can evoke dry itchy skin. 

  • Diabetes

Itching is an early sign of diabetes. It happens when high blood glucose levels damage nerve fibres in the hands or feet. Also, diabetes affects blood circulation which may lead to dry skin. Another disease related to diabetes that could cause itching is high fat or cholesterol. This condition is called Eruptive Xanthomatosis. It may appear alongside red or yellow bumps.

  • Cirrhosis

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis can cause itchy palms. It is an autoimmune disorder that affects bile ducts connecting the liver to the stomach. Other symptoms of this disorder include blotchy palms, nausea, diarrhoea, weakness, loss of appetite, and dark urine.

  • Nerve Disorders

Nerve disorders like peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome can cause itchy palms. Carpal tunnel syndrome also presents as numbing and tingling hands.

What Should I do if my right hand’s itchy?

 Do not scratch! Instead, do the following:

  • If you have just started using a new cosmetic product, stay off to figure out if it’s the cause. 
  • Avoid washing your hands excessively as it may strip off moisture and cause dryness.
  • Use lukewarm water to bathe, not hot or cold water.
  • Always use a mild moisturizing soap and lotion after bathing. You could also get an itch defence lotion to soothe the skin.
  • Wear cotton gloves when handling disinfectants, chemicals, and cleaning agents.
  • Apply an over-the-counter ointment like corticosteroids, and take antihistamines for itching hands induced by an allergic reaction. Do not do this without a prescription.
  • Consult a dermatologist. If you’re experiencing other symptoms alongside the itching, seek other medical attention.

Before you go about scratching or knocking your palm on a piece of wood to ward off negative energy, grabbing your hair with the itchy hand, putting it in your pocket, or spitting on it to receive wealth, think about the natural causes of your itching and check with a doctor to rule out underlying disease. Many medical conditions could cause itchy hands. It could be a minor condition like dermatitis or a serious medical disorder. Failure to seek medical help might eventually lead to a bad fortune.

What Is The Right Hand Itching Meaning?- Know More

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