How Much Does The Car Fuse Box Cost – And Know More


 Car fuses are the component which are designed to protect electrical wiring present in the car and vehicles. They provide protection against short circulating and over current,  disconnecting  the circuit. They also diagnose a potentially dangerous level of current. A car fuse basically consist of two major parts a tube body with metal connection terminal on both ends and a metal mesh in tube, which is commonly used circuit over current and safety components. Let us know more about How Much Does Car Fuse Box Cost .

How Much Does Car Fuse Box Cost


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   It is having a series of different relays, diodes and fuses. The fuse box directly powered by battery. The wire from the car fuse box connected to the car components which needs to be protected. The fuse having wire conductor which breaks when the current exceeds the normal ampere limit. The normal ampere limit is defined on each of fuse along with different color codes. Relays are nothing but electrically operated switches which are found in all cars. For example when we turn on car’s AC that uses a relay. The current will pass through an electromagnetic coil. The interaction a switching component and magnetic field allows the relay to complete that circuit. 

It can control multiple circuits which makes it handy in controlling various car circuits like head lamp, indicator, horn etc. 

The working of diode is only it allows current to the flow in one direction by protecting components that may be damaged during trawling in the wrong direction. 

Types of car fuse boxes

There are four different types of car fuse boxes used. 

A] Blade type

B] Bosch type

C] Glass tube type

D] Lucas type 


Since a car is manufactured after 1986 it mostly contents blade type fuses because these are easily identifiable by their plastic body and two metal prongs. All the petrol powered vehicles used blade types fuse and they are available in six different sizes ranging from 1A to 100 A. 

Blade type again broken down into 5 different types on the basis of their dimensions 

I] Maxi heavy duty blade fuses:- 

  • Largest type of blade 
  • Current ranging from 20A to 100A
  • These are largest sized having dimensions- 29mm wide, 34.3mm tall and 8.9mm thick.

Ii] Regular ATO/ATC blade fuses 

  • First blade fuse designed by little tube. 
  • Very much common in many vehicles 
  • Ranging from -1A to 40A 
  • Dimensions -19.1mm wide, 18.8mm tall and 5.1mm thick.

Iii] Mini blade fuses:-

  • Most common fuse used in modern cars 
  • Current ranging from 2A to 30A
  • Dimensions -10.9mm wide, 16.4mm tall and 3.8mm thick.

Iv] Micro 2 and micro 3 blade fuses:- 

  • Smallest blade fuse having micro blade 
  • Current ranging 5A to 30A for micro 2 and 5A to 15A for micro 3.
  • Dimensions -9.1mm wide,15.3mm tall and 3.5mm thick for micro 2 

And 14.4mm wide, 18mm tall and 4.2mm thick for micro 3


Very much common in old European cars. 1980 or earlier European model. 


Very much common in American manufacturing cars until 1986.  Current ranging from 1A to 30A. 


Used in older cars made in Britain. Comes in ceramic and glass type. It was used in 1986 or earlier british model. 

 Cost Of Car Fusebox        

On an average the car fuse box will roughly cost from 5$ to 160$ depending on the retailer. From what it is made and the car vehicle you drive. If a mechanic has to replace it for you then the cost or labour charges ranges from 65$ to 110$ extra cost. To detect the working fuse box a fuse testing tool may be required. The tool in used to touch and check each fuse which costs about 5$ and easily bought from the auto parts store.

Problems/ Issues/ Damage Of Fuse Box

Basically fuse gets blows to avoid fire or car getting serious damage. When a fuse gets blown then electric component stops working suddenly it can be lights, stereo and more. The car gets broken fuse when too much electricity flows through a particular circuit. Then we have to identify blown car fuse locate it and get a replacement.

Replacement Of Car Fuse Box

There are five steps to fixing a blown fuse on your own. These steps will guide you through locating reading and replacing fuses in your car or you can read your car’s owner manual for detailed information. 

  • Turn of the car –
  • Find the fuse box-
  • Read the car fuses-
  • Identify the problem-
  • Get the replacement of fuse-

                       After the replacement test it if it is fixed the problem or not. 

TIP- If you are unable to figure out which fuse is blown or the cause may not be fuse then take your car to mechanic who can do it for you. 

How Much Does The Car Fuse Box Cost – And Know More

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