Patriot Power 1800 vs. 1500 Solar Power Generator

For many people, power outages or lack of power prevents them from working or enjoying their time because devices such as phones, computers, lighting, or cooking devices depend on power to work. However, this does not have to be a concern in the current world where solar energy is increasingly being developed. Let us know more about Patriot Power 1800 vs. 1500 Solar Power Generator.

Patriot Power 1800 vs. 1500 Solar Power Generator

To take advantage of the benefits offered by patriot solar power generators, one must understand the differences between Patriot Power 1800 and Patriot Power 1500 solar power generators. Comparing the two enables one to make an informed choice considering the benefits each offer.

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The Patriot Power Generator

The patriot power generator is a solar power generator that is designed for home use. It comes in two types. The first type is Patriot power 1500 which was the first generation solar power generator from the company which was followed by the second type known as Patriot power 1800. Patriot power 1500 was recalled by the company because of fire-related incidences. Since, its production and rollout, Patriot power 1800 has not had the same fire issues as its predecessor. Patriot Power 1800 vs. 1500 Solar Power Generator

Features of the Patriot Power 1500 and 1800 Solar Power Generators

  • Battery Capacity
    • Patriot power 1500 solar generator has a battery capacity of 600 watts per hour compared to patriot power 1800 which has a capacity of 690 watts per hour.
  • Battery type
    • Both generators are powered by lithium-ion batteries. 
  • Inverter capacity
    • The two generators take their names from their inverter capacities. Patriot power 1500 solar generator has a 1500 inverter capacity while patriot power 1800 has an 1800 inverter capacity.
  • Solar connection type
    • Both generators run the Anderson PP connection.
  • Solar Output
    • Both generators have a maximum solar output of 240 watts. 
  • Weight
    • In terms of weight, Patriot power 1500 solar generator weighs 38lbs while Patriot power 1800 weights 46lbs. therefore, in terms of weight and portability, Patriot power 1500 is a better option.
  • Power outlets
    • Both generators have two 120 voltage AC outlets, four USB outlets, one 12 voltage DC outlet, and one 12 voltage outlet.
  • Charging
    • While it is estimated that both generators can rack in 1200W in five hours, this largely depends on weather conditions. Patriot power 1500 charges faster than Patriot power 1800 because it has a smaller battery. However, Patriot power 1500 will deplete power faster than Patriot 1800.
  • Number of devices
    • Despite the fact that both generators are portable and applicable for outdoor activities, Patriot power 1800 is better because it powers more devices at the same compared to Patriot power 1500

Free Items Included In Patriot Power Generator Package

Despite the fact that Patriot power 1500 came with free technical support and an owner’s manual, Patriot power 1800 came with many more free items that include

  • Patriot power cell
  • Water purification system-infused kettle
  • HaloXT flashlight
  • Air lantern
  • USN battery kit
  • Extension cord for solar panel

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Power Generator

When buying a solar power generator, there are several things that one should consider. One of the most important aspects is the amount of power output because this determines whether the generator serves the purpose for which it was bought. However, many people are unable to understand this because they lack the technical knowledge of solar energy conversion. 

Seeking information from the purchasing outlet, technical support, and user manual is critical. Patriot power 1500 and Patriot power 1800 come with 100-watt solar panels and have owner manuals that show the user how to install and use the generators. In addition, both generators have free technical assistance when the need arises.

Another critical aspect to consider when purchasing a solar power generator is the integrity and reputation of the brand. This helps to avoid poor-quality generators that might not work as described or lead to losses. Power Patriot is a trustworthy and reputable brand. For instance, the company initiated recalls when Patriot power 1500 was susceptible to fire incidences and developed Patriot 1800 which was more user-friendly, safe, and with added benefits.

Other factors to consider include safety, portability, added generator kits, and the charging speeds of the solar power generator.


Patriot power 1800 is modern, safe, bigger, and powers more devices than Patriot power 1500. The only drawback is that it is heavier and charges slower than Patriot power 1500. Patriot power 1800 is better for heavy and family usage. However, it is important to note that both generators have no option for battery expansion

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there after-purchase technical support for both generators?


  1. Can I charge my phone using the generator?

Yes, you can charge your phone through the USB port.

  1. Are there incidences with Patriot power 1800?

Unlike Patriot power 1500, 1800 has had no major reported incidences. It is relatively safe.

Patriot Power 1800 vs. 1500 Solar Power Generator

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