Can You Share An Amazon Fresh Cart?- Know More

When shopping on Amazon, you are required to add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. After the items are on your cart, the total price of the items will be displayed, then you can proceed to checkout to make the purchase. So what happens if I wish to share my list of selected items before making the purchase? Maybe you’re looking for a second opinion on the items you selected, or the purchase is to be made by someone else, and they are just making use of your Amazon account. So the question remains, it is possible to share a fresh Amazon cart? and In this article, we will see about ‘Can You Share An Amazon Fresh Cart?’.

Can You Share An Amazon Fresh Cart?

Can You Share An Amazon Fresh Cart?

Yes. You can share your Amazon Fresh cart easily, however, it would require the use of an extension or plugin. The Share-A-Cart plugin and shopping cart share extension are some of the most popular extensions for sharing Amazon carts. Initially, you would have to use the Amazon wishlist to share your cart, but not anymore. Now you can just send a code to your recipient after adding the items to your fresh cart. Using this code, the recipient will be able to load your Amazon cart into theirs and make purchases for the items you specified.

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How to Share your Amazon fresh Cart With Share-A-Cart Extension?

Share-A-Cart is one of the easiest ways to share your Amazon fresh cart with anyone else. All you need is to follow some simple steps and your cart will be sent directly to your friend. To share your Amazon cart using Share-A-Cart Extension, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select your desired items and place them into your Amazon cart as usual
  2. Download and launch the Share-A-Cart browser plugin. (No sign-up is required here)
  3. On the browser, click on “Create Cart ID” to generate your unique share code
  4. Share this unique code with your intended recipient. You can send it via message, by copying the code, or send it directly from the plugin via the share icon.
  5. Your intended recipient will be required to enter the code into the Share-A-Cart plugin or on the website, and you’re done. Your Amazon Cart will be instantly loaded into their cart. They can now proceed to checkout to purchase the items you specified.

How to Share Amazon Fresh Cart Using Shopping Cart Share?

Shopping cart share is a popular extension used to share shopping carts with people. It works perfectly with the Amazon fresh cart and is easy to operate. To use the shopping cart share follow the procedures below:

  1. Download the shopping cart share extension
  2. log in to your Amazon account on the app or website 
  3. Add your selected items to your shopping cart, and click on “View cart & Checkout” to see the details of your shopping cart
  4. Click on “Transfer control of the cart” if you’re using the Amazon mobile app, and a page will be displayed where you will be required to enter the email address of the intended recipient and click on “Send”.
  5. If you’re Shopping on the Amazon website, simply click on “Share” and send the link of the shopping cart to your intended recipient
  6. That’s it! Your Amazon fresh cart will be added to theirs automatically. 
  1. Note: You can move the Amazon Wishlist of others to your shopping cart in one click using the Shopping Cart Share.

How to Share your Amazon WishList?

The Amazon wishlist allows you to gather items you found interesting on Amazon and may purchase. The Amazon wishlist is a lot easier to share than the shopping cart. To share your Amazon wishlist, follow the procedures below:

  1. log in to your Amazon account and head to “Accounts & Lists”
  2. Click on the wishlist you want to share
  3. Click on the “Invite” icon below
  4. Now select the type of access you wish the recipient to have on your wishlist
  5. You can select the “View only” option, or the “View and edit” option.
  6. Now use the link to share your wishlist with your preferred recipient. You can share via email, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Can I Create Separate Shopping Carts on Amazon? 

No. You can’t create a separate shopping cart on Amazon. However, you can create a different list of items on the same shopping cart. Here’s how to do it:

  1. log in to your Amazon account on your mobile device or visit the Amazon website
  2. Go to “Account & Lists” and select “Your Lists”
  3. Now click on “Create a List”, and name the list accordingly
  4. Go to “Manage List” via the menu icon, and update your Shipping address and other details
  5. Click on “Save Changes”

Note: Only the owner of the list is allowed to make changes to them.


Sharing your Amazon Shopping Cart cannot be done directly. However, you can achieve this using the Shopping Cart share or the Share-A-Cart Extension. These extensions will allow you to share your shopping cart with friends. The items on your shopping cart will be added to theirs, and they can proceed to checkout to purchase the items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many items can I add to my Amazon cart?

Your Amazon Shopping Cart can hold a total of 1000 combined shopping items for all unique items in the cart. The Amazon cart can only hold 50 unique items.

Q2. Can I share my Amazon shopping cart on the Amazon app?

Yes. You can share your shopping cart using the mobile application. However, you would still need to make use of the extensions.

Q3. Can I make separate shopping carts?

No. However, you can create a different list on your shopping cart.

Can You Share An Amazon Fresh Cart?- Know More

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