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Canadian grocery store chain Food Basics Ltd. is wholly owned by Metro Inc. Over 130 of the company’s retail outlets may be found across Ontario. A & P Canada’s answer to the popular No Frills chain of supermarkets is owned and operated by Loblaw Companies. When Metro purchased A & P Canada in 2005 for $1.7 billion, it merged with the Metro chain. Food Basics can offer inexpensive costs by maintaining a low overhead (they don’t give away plastic bags, but they do give away cardboard boxes for free) and by employing a small, primarily part-time staff. To compete with other supermarkets on pricing, the chain operates by selling greater quantities of a smaller range of products than Metro outlets. The province of Ontario accounted for 117 establishments. Metro Inc. purchased all 36 of these locations before the end of 2008. The Food Basics Pharmacy can be found in some locations of Food Basics.

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About Food Basics

The company known as Food Basics is the proprietor of a chain of eateries, each of which places a primary emphasis on the delivery of food items that are both excellent in quality and fresh. Hamburg in and model are both now being sold by the corporation under their respective brand names. This is a local chain of quick-service restaurants in Saudi Arabia that is well-known for its tasty burgers of great quality and reasonable price. With well-established, global, qualified, and highly motivated staff members. More than 45 Hamburgini restaurants can now be found across the country and in several locations in Saudi Arabia. It is a restaurant with a healthy concept where customers of all ages may enjoy the flavour of fresh ingredients, scrumptious sandwiches, salads, and soups, along with a wide variety of other selections, all at an affordable price competitive pricing. In the year 1995, It was created as a company in the province of Ontario, Canada. The retailing giant A & P Canada established the first Food Basics supermarket to compete against the No Frills supermarkets operated by Loblaw Companies.

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After Metro Ontario, Incorporated completed its purchase of A & P Canada, Food Basics was brought under the umbrella of the parent corporation. The prices of the products that were sold at supermarkets owned by Food Basics were significantly lower than the prices of the products that were sold at standard supermarkets. The shop did not provide any complimentary plastic shopping bags either. Instead, they provided free cardboard boxes as their giveaway item. Even the interior of the business was kept uncomplicated, with only the bare necessities in terms of decoration. The store also has a limited number of employees, and the majority of those working there do so on a part-time basis. Since the year when the first Food Basics supermarket opened its doors for business, the number of locations has steadily increased throughout the course of time. There are currently over one hundred supermarkets operating under the Food Basics banner across the province of Ontario. There are 117 Food Basics supermarkets located throughout the province of Ontario. 36 of these had been run as franchises in the past, but in 2008, Metro Ontario bought them back from the franchise owners. The addition of a pharmacy is a service that can be found in some of the more recent Food Basics shops. These grocery stores go under the moniker Food & Drug Basics when they are open for business. In the past, when the stores were still held by franchisees, the names of the locations usually included the owner’s name. For example, “X’s Food Basics” would have had “X” as the owner of the location. After Metro Ontario bought the stores, they were rebranded under the name Food Basics across the board. The tagline “Always More for Less!” was displayed in every one of the Food Basics locations. The grocery store chain sells a variety of goods, some of which are food-related and some of which are not. These goods include dairy, groceries, meat, pharmacy, snacks, frozen food, deli, snacks, and non-food products. In addition to selling products under national names, they also sells products under its private label. 


It is a grocery store banner that can be found at over 142 locations around the province of Ontario. Since its founding in 1995, It has been committed to providing clients with “Always More for Less” by helping them save money on all of their food shopping requirements.

Frequently Asking Questions:

  • Who owns the superstore?

Loblaw Companies the Real Canadian Superstore is a grocery chain owned by Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaw Companies. Its name is frequently abbreviated to “Superstore” or, less frequently, “RCSS.”

  • Is Food Basics a subsidiary of Loblaw?

It is a budget grocery company in Canada that is owned by Metro Inc. and has only locations in Ontario. It was built by A & P Canada to compete with Loblaw Companies’ popular No Frills warehouse-style supermarket. It joined the Metro group when A & P Canada was acquired by Metro.

Food Basics -Know More

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