Instacart Competitors- Know More Interesting Facts

Instacart is an in-house delivery platform that works in San Francisco and California and provides online on-demand food delivery services. It is a well-known grocery delivery platform originated in 2012 by Apoorva Mehta and offered extended grocery delivery and pick-up service to Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, Boston and Atlanta within three years. In the limited time, it was able to make partnerships with various retailers, including Walmart, Staples, Sam’s Club, Aldi, Publix, Food Market, Costco and Kroger. Currently, Instacart supplies to more than 5,500 cities in North America. Let us know more detail about ‘Instacart Competitors’.

Instacart Competitors

Instacart Competitors

Nowadays, Instacart is considered the online grocery giant that is blessed to have 300,000 personal shoppers and now has 500,000 active shoppers on its platform. With the increased number of orders, it plans to use more than 150 robots in automated order centres to handle 700 orders a day to fulfil customers’ demands more efficiently. This process will cut costs and increase Instacart’s customers to get a top position among their competitors like Shipt, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart+. Lists of some of its famous competitors are:

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1.     Amazon Fresh

2.     Shift

3.     Walmart+

4.     FreshDirect

5.     DoorDash

6.     Peapod

7.     Thrive Market

8.     Dumpling

Instacart Competitors: Leading Grocery Delivery Services

Instacart is a distinguished Delivery service that enables customers to order groceries from their favourite stores and supermarkets nearby. They have reliable delivery shoppers who are hired on a contractual basis and deliver groceries to your doorstep. The company offers services in America and Canada was established in 2012 by Apoorva Mehta, Max Mullen and Brandon Leonardo. Despite some governance issues after the Apoorva Mehta left in July 2021, still, it remains one of the primary grocery delivery services in the United States. At present, 45 per cent of all grocery sales in the country are provided by it. However, here is a detailed analysis of highest Instacart’s competitors and substitutes:

1. Walmart

Walmart is founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and provides services in the US, Bentonville and Arkansas. Undoubtedly, Walmart is considered one of the key players in grocery delivery services. As a leading grocery service provider, it shares the market of around 48% in the United States which is 3% more than Instacart.

2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is a significant competitor of Instacart which was launched before Instacard in 2007 by Amazon. It provides services in Seattle, Washington, United States. It also offers its services in some international locations including India, Singapore, Milan, Tokyo, Berlin, Hamburg, London, Munich, etc. Amazon is considered a market giant with its retail stores with the name Amazon Fresh. Customers can check the availability of goods through the Zip code. It is free for its prime members who can take the same-day delivery.

3. DoorDash

An American company started work in 2013 to deliver online grocery orders in San Francisco, California. Within the time of few years, the company competes the Instacart in grocery deliveries and holds a 56% market share in the US. However, it is still known as a food delivery company only. In 2021, the company contracted with Albertsons Cos and expanded its services for on-demand grocery delivery. This creates direct competition for Instacart by giving them hard time in the delivery industry.

4. Thrive Market

Thrive Market is exclusive in the sense it is famous for its natural and organic food products. It originated in 4014 and offers a membership program with multiple incentives. The thriving Market aims to supply 6000 products. It offers more than 70 different diet plans. It is the best competitor of Instacart because its membership is cheaper than Instacart. Similarly, it goes in small towns in the U.S also where the services of Instacart are not available. It is also known as the ethical alternative of Instacart, because of recyclable packaging, use of carbon-neutral shipping to preserve the environment and sidetracks over 90% of waste away from land.


The scope of online grocery delivery services is increasing day by day. Therefore, many competitors attract their customers while providing different services from each other. Similarly, Instacart is one of the best online grocery service companies that work in the United States and Canada. It provides in-house services for more than 500,000 active members through the platform. However, in the delivery industry, some of the best-known competitors of Instacart are Walmart, DashDoor, Thrive Market, Peapod, GoPuff, Uber Eats, GrubHub etc. All these competitors challenge each other by offering services that make them exceptional in some way or other. In short, this competitive environment gives the best options for their shoppers to shop online.

Frequently asked questions

1.  Is there a comparison between Instacart and Shipt?

If you see the availability and store selection, undoubtedly Instacart has the lead. Still, you can save more money and enjoy discounts with Shipt. This is more workable in ordering regular online groceries.

 2. Who is Instacart’s major competitor?

Instacart’s top leading competitors are Shipt, FreshDirect, Cornershop, Postmates and Blue Apron.

Instacart Competitors- Know More Interesting Facts

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