Does Geek Squad Do Laptop Upgrades?-Know More

Geek Squad is a Multinational Company that provides laptops, computers, and other electronic items services in stores and remotely. Geek Squad was established in 1994 by Robert Stephans. It provides 24 hours service to its customers. Geek Squad uses the tagline “We Make It Work” to highlight their objective towards their work. Geek squad comes under Best Buy in 2002. Let us know more about that Does Geek Squad Do Laptop Upgrades?-Know More.

Does Geek Squad Do Laptop Upgrades?-Know More

Geek Squad upgrades laptop. It provides the service of upgrading all the outdated hardware devices and software present in the laptop, which improves the efficiency of the laptop. It helps in the upgrading of the laptop’s storage space. Geek Squad charges the customers as per the upgrade requirement like the charges for increasing the storage space are different, charges for upgrading the hardware are different, installation of antivirus in the laptop, etc.

Geek Squad helps its customers in three ways

  • By providing in-store service for a laptop upgrade.
  • By providing on-site service for a laptop upgrade.
  • By providing remote help to the customer the issue can be resolved online.

Laptop Upgrades available at Geek Squad

  • It upgrades the motherboard.
  • It upgrades the RAM of the laptop.
  • It provides an antivirus installation service.
  • Increase the laptop storage and add SSD.
  • The geek squad will replace the battery if not working properly.
  • Upgrades the hard drive.
  • It upgrades the graphic cards of the laptop.

Benefits of upgrading laptops by Geek Squad?

Geek Squad is considered to be safe for laptop services in the following ways:

  • It provides quality services to the customers.
  • It offers 24*7 support to its customers.
  • It provides on-site service.
  • Upgrades the laptop within 30-45 minutes or 24 hours if there is some hardware-related upgrade.

Geek Squads Protection Plan

Geek Squad offers protection for only those upgrades and replacements done by the geek squad team. The geek protection is provided when the customer has purchased the Geek Squad protection plan.

Geek Squad Protection Plan for laptops

If the cost of the laptop is $499.99 then the available packages are:

  • $129.99 for one-year geek squad protection.
  • $189.99 for two-year geek squad protection.
  • $229.99 for three-year geek squad protection.

Customers can cancel Geek Squad Protection Plan anytime by contacting the customer care service or visiting the nearby store.

Customers can choose the plan at their convince. Geek Squad Protection Plan includes the following benefits:

  • Customers don’t have to pay the labor cost.
  • If there is some issue with the battery of the laptop, the geek squad team will replace it free for only one time.
  • Customers can transfer their protection plan if they give their product to someone else.
  • For any protection, or plan-related queries customers can reach out to the geek squad team.
  • Replace the hard drive if not working properly.
  • They are available 24*7 to help their customers.

Benefits of upgrading laptop

  • The laptop will work smoothly after an upgrade.
  • Increase the storage space of the laptop.
  • Add new features to the laptop.
  • Battery life will increase.
  • Processing time will decrease.
  • Upgrading the RAM storage will help to open more applications instantly.
  • Enhances the speed of old laptops.
  • The system will get up to date and makes it easy for the user to work.
  • Laptops become more efficient.
  • Data transfer will take less time than usual.


Geek squad is one of the best companies providing services related to computers, laptops, and other electronic items. Geek Squad provides system upgrade services for laptops and computers. Geek Squad is well known for its quality services and great customer support. It provides 24*7 services to its customers. Geek Squad offers great laptop upgrade services like storage space and hard drive. Motherboard, graphic cards, etc. Geek Squad offers a Geek Protection plan to its customers which offers protection for all the replacements and upgrades done by Geek Squad. Geek Squad Protection Plan for laptops is available for one year, two years, and three years Geek Squad didn’t charge the same for all the upgrades it has different price ranges for every type of upgrade. Geek Squad took 30 to 40 minutes to upgrade the system and sometimes 24 hours mostly for hardware-related upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is Geek Squad reliable for laptop upgrades?

Answer 1: Yes, Geek Squad is reliable for laptop upgrades. It offers various upgrades for the system like a Graphic card, storage space, hard drive, antivirus, etc., all these upgrades make the laptop more efficient.

Question 2: How much does Geek Squad charges for three years Geek Squad Protection Plan for the laptop?

Answer 2: For Three years Geek Squad Protection Plan for the Laptop Geek Squad charges $299.99.

Question 3: Can I cancel the Geek Squad Protection Plan anytime?

Answer 3: Yes, one can cancel the Geek Squad Protection Plan anytime by contacting the customer care service or by visiting the store.

Question 4: In which year did Geek Squad come under Best Buy?

Answer 4: Best Buy acquires Geek Squad in 2002.

Does Geek Squad Do Laptop Upgrades?-Know More

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