Order Amazon To Hotel- Read More About It

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world that offers a massive product range and inventory, allowing customers to purchase just about anything, including clothing, furniture, gourmet food, beauty products, jewelry, movies, books, electronics, pet supplies, garden supplies, toys, and household goods. It provides fast and efficient delivery in almost every country. It offers next-day, same-day, and even 2-hour ultra-fast delivery options. Let us know more detail about ‘Order Amazon To Hotel’.

Order Amazon To Hotel

Order Amazon To Hotel

You can get your essentials delivered anywhere you want; even at your hotel. The process of Amazon delivery to a hotel is no different than getting it delivered somewhere else. You just have to follow these simple steps and take care of a few things. 

How to Order Amazon to Hotel?

You might be unaware, but it is very common for hotels to receive packages on behalf of their guests. Visitors often order things they need, online, because of the quality concerns and price differences of different regions. 

Here’s how you can conveniently order Amazon at any hotel you’re staying at:

  • Add to your cart whatever you want to order from Amazon or Amazon Prime.
  • Select Add address and provide the location of the hotel as the recipient address.
  • Make sure your name on the package is the same as the name registered at the hotel.
  • Inform the hotel front desk about the arrival of your package.
  • Either your package will be delivered to your room or you can receive it from the hotel reception.

Vacation means more fun and less trouble. Here are some tips and tricks for you to use to avoid any confusion or annoyance:

Ask for Package Holding Fees:

Hotels charge some money for receiving and holding your packages when you order Amazon to the hotel. The charges may vary depending on whether your package is pre-paid or cash on delivery. If the package is pre-paid, you’ll only have to pay the holding fees. If the package is cash on delivery, the hotel pays for you, and the total amount is added to the invoice. Only a few hotels provide this facility. 

So, you should always ask about hidden charges or package holding fees while informing the front desk about your Amazon delivery to avoid any dispute while checking out. 

Choose Express Delivery:

It is advised to choose express delivery when ordering Amazon at the hotel during your stay. By choosing express delivery, you can save time, receive your package yourself and save the holding fees. It is the best way to avoid any kind of unnecessary inconvenience related to your package. 

Amazon charges a little extra for same-day delivery if your order is under the minimum threshold. Amazon Prime provides this service to its customers for free. It has same-day, next-day, and even 2-hour ultra-fast delivery options. 

Keep Track of Delivery Date:

Express delivery is not available sometimes on Amazon. In this case, when you order Amazon to a hotel, make sure the package delivery date matches your stay date. If you need the package urgently, try to ship it ahead of your stay and inform the hotel front desk about its arrival. In this way when you arrive, the package will be waiting for you and you’ll not have to wait. 

Check Contact Information:

Make sure your name and contact information on the parcel is the same as the information registered at the hotel. If the names do not match, it causes a lot of confusion and sometimes you end up losing your parcel. 

Keep Track of the Quantity:

While ordering Amazon at Hotel, keep track of the quantity of stuff you’re ordering; so you have enough space to carry all the stuff back with you. 


There’s no need to worry if you forgot to take some stuff on your vacation or trip. You can easily order Amazon to the hotel before your arrival or while staying. You are just required to inform the hotel front desk; pay their fee and they will hold the package for you. Hassle-free traveling is now just a few steps away.


  1. Can I order Amazon to the hotel before my arrival?

Yes, you can order Amazon to the hotel before your arrival. You will have to inform the hotel front desk about the arrival of your package and they’ll receive it. 

  1. What is the payment procedure if I order Amazon to the hotel?

You will have to pay in advance in such a case. Most hotels usually do not receive cash on delivery packages. 

  1. Does Amazon deliver to the hotel room or reception?

It depends on the hotel. Due to security risks, most hotels do not allow Amazon deliveries to your room. They receive the package at the front desk and send it to you through their room service. 

  1. Do hotels charge for receiving your Amazon deliveries?

Yes. Hotels do charge to hold packages for you. The nicer the hotel, the more they charge this fee. 

Order Amazon To Hotel- Read More About It

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