Want To Buy A Car?

Want to buy a car? When is the best time to buy? Crack the loan trap! Three things you need to know

Whether you have little savings and want to be promoted to the “car-owning class”, or have to buy a car for commuting, how is it most cost-effective to buy a car? What invisible expenses should we pay attention to? If you have enough money on hand, it is estimated that your income will be stable in the next 3 to 5 years. Owning a car can add points to your life, whether it is commuting, driving your family on holidays, picking up and seeing off your elders and children, etc. Let us know more detail about ‘Want To Buy A Car?’.

Want To Buy A Car?

Want To Buy A Car?

However, even for a domestic car, it would cost 600000 or 700000 yuan, which is still a large amount. The depreciation cost should also be considered. After all, buying a car is different from buying a house. The house may appreciate, but the car begins to depreciate rapidly from the day of the transaction. Moreover, “it is easy to buy a car, but difficult to maintain a car”. The necessary expenses for maintaining a car are no less than those for buying a car.

Therefore, you must be careful when buying a car! In order not to spend a lot of money, only to find that he has become a wrongdoer.

Must-Know! Grasp the market situation: Want To Buy A Car?

“”Car price” is the most intuitive factor when many people buy a car. Generally speaking, new cars have announced market prices, but in fact, as long as you choose the right time and place, you will also have the opportunity to find a bargain!

When? The end of January and end of July are the most cost-effective

1. Competition month: dealers rush orders

Start with the missed competition month. Generally speaking, the competition month usually falls between May and July. Usually, the dealers of all car factories will launch promotions. Especially when the dealers are close to the target number of sales units and are about to reach the standard, the industry representatives are more likely to make concessions on discounts for the sake of sales bonuses. At this time, there will be a lot of good health when buying cars. Relevant promotions have been launched in the previous competition month. Meanwhile, some car manufacturers will also take this time to take a year off and adjust their production lines.

2. At the end of the third quarter, auto show: the handover of new and old models, limited-time discount

Generally, the third quarter refers from September to November. Especially at the end of the third quarter (November), the automaker will also promote new and old models. Generally speaking, September is the time when new and old models alternate. Therefore, many automakers will launch promotions in the third quarter. This part mostly attracts consumers using high zero interest rate, overweight to extend the warranty, and giving car purchase gifts.

Where to buy it? The more strongholds, the better bargaining

How to choose where to buy a car is also a knowledge. Each automobile chamber of Commerce has exhibition rooms or sales bases in different regions. Generally speaking, the more competitive the region, the more obvious the price fight for business.

The more densely populated places, the more sales bases, and the fiercer the competition, the greater the bargaining space for consumers. When buying a car, in addition to shopping around, I have to go to places with many people. 

The salesman will also provide “delivery to the government” services, as the bargaining space may vary according to the brand, vehicle model, and vehicle type, the time and traffic cost of seeing the car back and forth should also be included in the investigation. In addition to investigating the price of the car, the after-sales service of the business is also the focus that must be investigated when buying a car. “In case of a temporary emergency, such as a car accident, can the business arrive in time, or can it only be assisted by telephone?”

Therefore, it is more cost-effective and convenient to purchase a car at a place “within 2 hours from the return trip” of your residence.

Must-Know! Crack the loan trap

Speaking of “where does the money come from?” In addition to knowing the “cost-effective car price”, of course, we cannot ignore “how to make smart loans”.

Car loans can be divided into two types, one is self-operated by car dealers or with financing companies, and the other is that banks have their own car loan business, but it is relatively uncommon. With the different brands of car dealers, there are various preferential loan schemes. How can I borrow money without losing money?

Cash payment by card? Don’t underestimate the service charge. It’s worth less than 4%

Generally speaking, if you buy a car at the cash price, you can keep the car price to the lowest. Most consumers will still choose to buy a car with a loan because they have limited cash on hand. However, there is another exception: buy a car at the cash price, but pay in installments with a credit card.

At this time, the car dealers, banks, and consumers are involved. The bank will pay the full cash price to the car dealer at one time, so the car dealer will sell it to consumers at cash price; Consumers and banks then complete the transaction by installment payment.

It is worth noting that this method of payment is mostly “zero interest”, but the bank will charge a “handling fee” at its discretion. In terms of 12 installments a year, the bank will probably charge a handling fee of 5% of the total amount. Assuming that the total amount is 400,000, it will be repaid in 12 installments, and the handling fee is 5% (20,000), which is equal to 33,333 per month. If the annual interest rate is converted, it will be as high as 9.58%.

Must-Know! Estimated hidden cost

Tax: the higher the exhaust volume, the higher the tax

After the vehicle ownership transfer is completed, the supervision station will calculate the unpaid tax for the current year in proportion according to the annual tax collection date, including the license tax in April and the fuel tax in July.

These two taxes are calculated according to the exhaust volume (C.C.). Therefore, if the same vehicle has different power options, you can pay attention to the tax difference caused by the exhaust volume. For example, for 1ㄝ300 C.C. passenger cars, the annual license plate tax and fuel tax are 11,920, but if it is 2,000 C.C., the total tax will be 17,440, which is equal to 5,520 more each year.

Insurance: You and others should be fully guaranteed

In short, it can be divided into “protecting others” and “protecting yourself”, that is, in the event of an accident, whether the claim settlement expenses are for yourself or others.

The former is compulsory insurance, third-party liability insurance, passenger insurance, etc. when a car accident occurs, because of their fault, they must compensate other people’s expenses. 

If you add up all the fixed and non-fixed expenses, the cost of maintaining a car for 10 years will be more than twice the price of the car if the price of a domestic car is 700,000. When buying a car, why don’t you think about it carefully!

Want To Buy A Car?

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