UGG’s Return Policy- Know More About It

The UGG is a US fashion corporation mainly known for its famous sheepskin boots, it was founded in 1978 by an Australian mastermind known as Brian Smith in the Santa Monica, state of California. After showing his pair of Australian sheepskin shoes after a cold late-night surf in the city of Malibu, he realized that sheepskin boots were not available in America as they were in the country of Australia, giving him the idea for creating the UGG. The UGG is specialized in footwear ready-to-wear and accessories and also some home textiles. Let us know more detail about ‘UGG’s Return Policy’.

UGGs Return Policy

UGG’s Return Policy

Ugg is different from many other companies. The history is deeply rooted in the west and it appeals to niche marketing but that does not take away the responsibility of warranty and return policy. So the Ugg in this manner is not different but offers quite ways to protect customer’s money through refund, exchange and even switch but to some extent where the products have not been worn out or damaged by the users or in all fairness, the God related accidents.

The Retail Returns: UGG’s Return Policy

The company gladly accepts returns from consumers who have purchased their UGG® products from a fine retailer other than the website, or their UGG® call centers alike. They shall process the returns for an exchange or a site credit system. They do not offer refunds for products that have been not purchased directly from them.

The Items must be in brand new and original condition. The products with mud or tears shall be returned to the customer without any action. The Products must be in their concurrent product line, which is posted on their website.

The Ecommerce Returns

They gladly accept all returns and exchanges within a month of the original invoice date from consumers who had purchased the UGG® product from their call center, websites, or any Authorized UGG® retailer shop.

The Free Returning and shipping limited Time Offers are as under:

Returning shipping is FREE for consumers who had purchased the UGG® products from the call centers or the website. If one has purchased their UGG® products within the last year, the company is happy to accept a return or an exchange at no cost whatsoever. One can return their product to the company by using the pre-paid option that has a label located on the product’s original packaging. The company recommends using UPS or FedEx or even the USPS regular ground services by obtaining tracking numbers. If one does not use their pre-paid labels, the one shall not be reimbursed for their shipping prices and the UGG® will not be held responsible for packages lost during transport.

Once the company receives the items, they shall ship the requested exchange items to buyers without charging any surplus shipping. Newer items might still be subjected to duties or taxes and even brokerage dues. Allowing 5 – 7 business days from the time the company receives the returns to process the customer’s return or exchanges.

Some Important Information about the company’s Standard Return Process is as follows:

The items being returned or exchanged should be free of any damage and must be cleaned so that all mud and toxins are removed. Dirty shoes will only be returned to the consumers without any return guaranteed.

If one has purchased their UGG® products before the last year or from an Authorized UGG® retailer(s) the shipping charges will be paid by the consumer for the return and these are fully non-refundable. All of the returns should be sent via tracking methodology. As it is recommended, to use UPS or FedEx and even USPS regular ground services. The UGG® shall not be responsible for the packages lost during transport.

Once the company receives the items, they shall ship the requested exchange items to customers without charging any surplus shipping cost. The new items might still be subjected to the duties plus taxes and brokerage due. Allowing a week’s worth of business days from the date the company receives your return for the completion of consumer returns or exchanges.

The Warranty Returns:

The UGG® warranty only applies to shoes less than twelve months old from the date of purchase. It also applies to defective items and manufacturing. All of the items sent to the UGG® which are past twelve months from the date of purchasing shall be evaluated on a single case basis.

The Items that could not be covered through the company’s warranty processes:

  • The Products over twelve old from the date of purchasing
  • The General wear and tear conundrum
  • The Decolorized due to water damages 

The Items returned for defect check-ups shall be processed in the fashion they are received with. The evaluations might take a month from the time of receipt.

The Exchanges shall be shipped via the famous UPS Ground at no additional price to the consumer.

For the company to properly process the returns, the company will kindly ask that the consumer complete steps mentioned below.

  1. Provide your shipping details; this is where the company will send the items if the one is making an exchange.
  2. Telling the company what are you returning (details).
  3. Telling the company what the customer would like in the exchange value (specifications), if applicable.
  4. Telling the company the reason for the return.
  5. Printing confirmation page and including it with the shipment.
  6. Mentioning the Address where the return is meant to be the same address listed on your returns form.
  7. Sending the packages through a tracking shipping methodology and ensuring to obtain a smart copy of the tracking numbers.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘UGG’s Return Policy’, Ugg is a brand known for its western root and cowboy-like style but they offer what all modern businesses offer, that is money protection for the customers and users that may not feel otherwise confident to throw away their hard-earned cash

UGG’s Return Policy- Know More About It

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