Home Depot Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy – Know More

Home Depot and Lowe’s are the two home improvement and house construction material providing companies the firms have a customer-friendly approach regarding their return policy, Lumber and lumber products are one of the most used items in home construction processes; there are chances they might be damaged or not as per the customer’s demand, which comes out later after the purchase. Hence, both the companies provide a ninety-day return policy that benefits the in-store credit users or regular customers.

Home Depot Lowe's Lumber Return Policy - Know More

Home Depot Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

Houses in the United States of America are generally constructed of wood and lumber products. Hence the sale for such product is looked after well. Therefore, the prices and return policies are pretty proposed and filled throughout the states.

Return policies are a benefiting factor to the customer and help further in a better purchase. For example, Home Depot and Lowe’s lumber return policies give you the offer to have better goods, given the advantages of their returning procedures. Hence, both the companies provide a ninety-day return policy giving benefits to the in-store credit users or regular customers.

 In recent years the online process of returning purchased goods has been added where you can sign up to the online websites of whichever company you bought from and start a return process using the online steps.

Home Depot lumber return policy

Home Depot accepts returns and exchanges for their sold goods that are unopened within ninety days of the sale of the said item. There are different policies on different kinds of products. Usually, hazardous or plant-based items have certain critical validity on return.

  • If in perfect condition, the purchased lumber can be returned within ninety days of the sale. 
  • If the purchase is not as per your requirement, you can exchange it in your nearest Home Depot store, regardless of the receipt, and note that the Universal Product Code on the lumber is intact and the product is as new as possible.
  • Home Depot also provides credit cards called consumer credit cards that give you benefits when returning or exchanging products bought from their store. Even if you have lost the receipt, the staff at Home Depot will track your transactions made about the purchase, hence providing a return without a receipt providence from the buyer’s side.
  • If the lumber is not in good condition at the time of return and you possess a consumer credit card, the lumber is returned at the lowest price in exchange for credit scores on your consumer credit card.
  • Generally, the period for returning the lumber is ninety days, but if you have purchased using a consumer credit card, this period might get extended.
  • If you receive a damaged product, your lumber product will be exchanged within thirty days of the delivery.
  • If your to be returned product is not with a valid receipt, it is up to the store manager or staff to decide the value of the lumber product to be given back.

Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy

Lowe’s is one of the leading companies providing house construction materials, home appliances, and household goods. Their return policies serve a good purpose in the ease of purchaser’s dilemma and choice issues. 

  • Lumber purchased from Lowe’s can be returned at any Lowe’s store in the United States, or a pickup can be scheduled from your home.
  • The requirements for the return are the receipt or an online invoice and valid identification proof for receiving your refund.
  • Unused lumber will be returned only when it has no damage, such as bend marks, rain damage, and an intact barcode on the product.
  • Purchases made through Lowe’s gift cards, refund cards, merchandise cards, or in-store credit will be refunded as in-store credit only.
  • It is recommended that you bring the receipt. If you cannot find the receipt, the Lowe’s staff will track your invoice in their system by checking your valid identification proof or your MyLowe’s card or phone number.
  • The products could be returned and tracked via your account of Lowe’s if the purchase was made through Lowe’s advantage card, Lowe’s business advantage, Lowe’s commercial account, or Lowe’s Business reward cards.
  • For a return without a valid receipt, it is up to the store’s analysis that you might receive an in-store credit for your return.


Products such as wood are more prone to damages caused by termites or other pests; hence exchanging it or returning it should be a simple task for the convenience of the buyer; expenses that are spent on the wood used in house construction it is only valid that returning policies of Lowe’s and the Home Depot are customer friendly. Furthermore, as per the digitization process, the receipts and invoices are not a deal-breaker since they can be retrieved easily by the store database even if lost by the customer.

Home Depot Lowe’s Lumber Return Policy – Know More

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