Does Costco Sell Bags of Ice? | Price, Weight, Location

For the drinks your guests will be drinking, you will need a lot of ice if you are hosting a party. No matter how much you purchase, there is always a shortage. The last thing you want to do is run to the shop in a hurry just to discover that they don’t have any ice. If you’re looking for ice, you might not have time to visit every store in your neighborhood. And here comes your favorite Costco where you can find a variety of products with ice at reasonable prices. Let us know ‘Does Costco Sell Bags of Ice?’.

Does Costco Sell Bags of Ice?

Does Costco Sell Bags of Ice?

Yes, Costco sells bags of ice. Generally, at Costco, you will find 20-pound bags of ice and these quantity bags are perfect for your parties and your home. You will have these 20-pound bags of ice for just $2.49 at most of the Costco stores but not at all stores.

Most of the Costco stores that sell bags of ice are located in high-traffic areas like parks, beaches, fun lands, etc because the demand for ice is more here. 

Let’s dig more into this to have more knowledge about the selling of ice bags in Costco, their pricing and location, etc. 

Costco Ice Bags 

Costco is a reputable wholesale store where you may buy almost everything you need. You may stock up on a variety of items like groceries and beverages in large quantities if you have a membership of Costco. At some stage when you find a shortage of ice at your party, you must wonder for once that Costco has ice for you. And as you know from the reading up till now that yes, Costco sells ice to you at some of its stores. 

As Costco is the third largest retailer in the world, how could it happen that it does not sell ice at its stores? It provides almost everything for your needs whether it is big or small. As for ice, it has a difficulty in storage due to its melting characteristics. Due to this problem, you will find ice bags at some of the high-traffic stores at Costco only. It’s not a problem because when you want ice in large amounts, it must be for a party or a large gathering that generally takes place in high-traffic areas. 

Costco Ice Bags Price and Weight 

Costco never disappoints its customers in the matter of prices. You will always get different products in large quantities at very reasonable prices. Similar is the case with Costco ice bags. You will find a good amount of ice bags for your standard-size party at a very reasonable price. You can even save money if you buy ice bags from Costco rather than other stores. 

Depending on the location of the warehouse of Costco, a 20-pound bag of ice costs anywhere from $1.79 and $2.49 at Costco. When compared to other stores, buying ice at Costco can save you between $0.1 and $0.2. So you can have a good quantity of ice at a reasonable price. It is the lowest price of ice as compared to all other stores like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, etc. 

Location of Ice Bags in Costco

It is a common habit that when people want to buy ice, they go to the ice department to look for it. It may also frustrate you a little if you have to hurry because you will not find ice in the frozen department at Costco. The ice freezers are placed close to the entrance or exit so that you don’t have to buy them during or at the start of your shopping. You can easily get your desired quantity of ice at the end of your shopping so you can avoid melting it. 

  • At Costco, the ice is kept near the entrance to the store. Simply tell the cashier how many bags of ice you want, and they will ring you up. You simply pick up your ice on the way out after that.
  • Many people claim that they forget to notify the cashier about the ice bags. They have to return and pay for them at customer service and it is possible if you are simply purchasing ice only. 

Dry Ice at Costco

In some areas of the United States, some Costco stores also sell dry ice. Its supply and demand determine whether or not it is offered at stores. Dry ice will probably be offered if many consumers request it and consistently buy it.

If you have your house in an area of the country where a lot of commercial work is done, it is likely to have dry ice at the Costco store because there is more demand for dry ice. The shipping sector makes extensive use of this product. Alternately, a lot of bars, clubs, and other places where events are held use dry ice to produce different effects, particularly during the holiday season.


You are now aware of the selling of ice at Costco. Not all Costco locations sell ice. You may therefore be sure that you can buy it there by going to the Costco store that is the closest to you. You can have the ice bags at the best cheap rates from Costco. So as always, you can save money by buying ice bags from Costco. It is because you will have 20-pound ice bags for just $2.49. We appreciate your reading and hope you will find our site valuable for your preferences.

  • Why do all Costco stores sell ice?

It is because it is always hard to handle ice because of its melting properties. It is not suitable for all Costco stores to sell ice. Also, in some areas, it is not highly demanded so Costco doesn’t sell it at these places. 

  • What is the price of ice at the ice factory?

The price of a 20-pound ice bag at the ice factory is $5.20 which is more than the rate of the same ice bag at Costco. 

Does Costco Sell Bags of Ice? | Price, Weight, Location

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