Petsmart Fish Return Policy

Petsmart LLC is a private American company and largest pet retailer store that provides pet superstores service and solutions. The Petsmart store sells pets, pet food, and their accessories. It is a largest pet store that sell live colorful pet animals such as fish, dog, cat, bird, reptiles, and some small animals, food and feeders, pond and aquarium setup equipment, and starter kits. The store also provide services such as plant care, pond care, water care and conditioning, disease treatment, grooming, pet training, PetsHotel, and Doggie day camp. See Petsmart Fish Return Policy.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

Petsmart Return Policy

Petsmart provides good and valuable products and animals with good health, and also services for those owned pets. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, they can return, replace and ask for refund from the Petsmart store. Hence for return and refund, they have formulated their own return & refund policy.

One can return live pets and products bought from Petsmart with their return policy. Their return policy was made convenient and easy for the customers. 

The return and refund policy will vary for in-store and online purchase on basis of redeemed purchase.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy 

For purchased live animals from Petsmart such as fish, return should be done within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Eligibility of a purchased fish for return include:

  • Customer has to bring the fish back to the store along with receipt, and relevant papers.
  • If the fish is dead within 14 days, customer can return it with the evidence- by taking the fish and water sample along with.
  • Customer should also require to bring photo ID proof to store and must return the pet to the Petsmart store.

The following purchases were only be able to return to Petsmart stores. They include

  • Same-day delivery purchase
  • Purchase that was made with ‘Buy & pickup’ online feature
  • Purchases made on DoorDash app of Petsmart (online purchase).

In Store Return Policy

In store return will be just like bringing the fish and other product directly to the store and is done immediately. The eligibility criteria should be met as mentioned above. The payment refund is done as per the payment done by the customer. For credit card purchase, the customer should bring the credit card used to purchase the merchandise.

Online Purchase Return Policy

Purchase made on can be returned to Petsmart easily but for the purchase price minus of shipping and other packing charges. 

Petsmart does not accept returns on prescription medicine for pets.

Return policy With a Receipt

The basic processing for return or exchange and refund with receipt involves or includes:

  • The validity for receipts are will be 14 days for live fishes, and 60 days for other products.
  • Payment refund will be based on appropriate method i.e. if purchase is done with cash then refund will be in cash form, and if it is paid by check then refund will be issued as a merchandise return card or cash or any other form as of customer wish.
  • Payment done by check, gift card, and other sources will be refunded with a merchandise return card.
  • If exchanging a product, any positive balance will be refunded in the original form of tender.
  • Merchandise return cards cannot be redeemed for cash.


To return a live fish or other animal, and other products that was purchased at Petsmart using payment method other than credit card payment, the animal or product was simply brought to the store and returned. Petsmart provide a merchandise return card that can be used for other purchases at Petsmart in future. The Petsmart return and refund policy was formulated for quick return, and to make the customer satisfied with the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does petsmart do with returned animals?

Petsmart would dispose the returned animals, since they are no longer suited for selling again. Petsmart ensure for safe disposal method that may contaminate and spoil other pet’s health.

It properly dispose the dead animals with safety and security to ensure that other pets health.

  1. Where does Petsmart fish comes from?

Petsmart have partnership with many adaptation centers and stock sellers. The fish and pet animal sources were from ethical animal breeders in the locality, and animal rescue teams & shelters where the animals are rescued, treated well, and managed with care.

  1. Can I return a product or animal without receipt to Petsmart?

Petsmart would require receipt to return products or live pets bought from them. If the live pet is dead or diseased, then the animal was also brought along with them. There are certain specific pet return and refund policy available for pet animal diversity.

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

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