Lowes Pro Desk 

Here we will see about the Lowes Pro Desk 

A home improvement business owner or professional requires essential tools and services to execute projects.

Lowes Pro Desk 

Lowes Pro Desk presents subscribers with tools for running their commercial ventures. The service and tools save money, time and boost productivity. You obtain special price incentives, rewards, and discounts. 

This post will teach you what Lowes pro desk is and how to sign up for it. You will learn how Lowes pro desk works, pro account benefits, and Lowes loyalty program. We will discuss discounts and finances available with the Lowes pro desk tools. 

Let us start this guide.

What is Lowe’s Pro Desk?

Lowes pro desk is a new membership service. The program allows Pros and business owners to shop for essential products. The service provides members information as they shop in-store, online, and via an app.

The Lowes Pro Desk service is different from the regular customer service. Sign up for an account in-store or on their website to become a member.

After registering, you can enjoy volume and bulk savings and financial solutions. Examples of facilities are Lowes credit cards and Lowes 4pros Loyalty program.

How to Sign Up for Lowes Pro Desk

The two types of Lowes pro desk accounts are business and government accounts. Visit the  page and fill out the form to sign up online. Supply individual information, business, and financial information.

After registration, sign in to your account and download Lowes mobile app. The app is for Android and iOS smartphones. To get more discounts, accept email alerts. 

If you do not want to sign up online, go to a Lowes shop in your community. Ask about Lowes pro desk membership requirements, and register.

How does LowePro Desk work 

LowePro Desk is for Pro members and works like the regular customer support service. Below are the exclusive services LowePro Desk members enjoy.

  • Purchases support: Lowe pro employees scours product catalogs to find you the best shopping deals. LowePro desk staff track all purchases and their history for you.
  • Bulk Purchases Support: A crew of in-store pro associates assists you in bulk buying. These staff gather orders and special orders for you.
  • Help: The LowePro desk staff helps you restock materials for your projects. These staff deliver supplies to job sites, search for out-of-stock items, and manage your money.

Lowes pro desk service includes daily renting of top brands, business tools for $25 to $65. 

Extra Benefits of LowePro Desk Membership

 Make use of Lowe pro desk privileges while shopping in-store. Other gains are:

  • Extended buying periods and discounts
  • Painless visit to Lowes store by Pro desk members.
  • Use Pro parking, free air, and get windshield cleaning
  • Faster checkout, and charge phone while shopping

Members can contact Lowes pro desk customer support anytime they need help.

Lowe’s 4pros Loyalty Program

Members in the Lowes loyalty program obtain specific benefits that improve their businesses. Lowes sends customized offers to the program subscribers.

You will receive pay-out and buy monitoring tools. You will get tools for running the business. about these offers.

Discounts and Finances Available

The Lowe Pro desk offers pro shoppers a rebate of 5% to 51% off purchases.  You get rebates when you order in bulk across over 2000 products.

Analysis of the bulk concession rebates shows that Lowe’s discount depends on items you buy. To meet the condition for volume discount at Lowes, the lowest product you buy must be worth $1,500.

Lowes Pro packages contain fast, suitable items you often used to get discounts. That is not all. Lowe’s Pro subscribers have access to a massive list of products than ordinary buyers.

Credit Cards for Business

The credit cards for businesses let you get 10% off on purchases you make inside the store. You obtain 5% off daily at Lowe’s when you buy with your Lowe’s card.

Explanations of types of Lowe’s pros commercial credit cards are below.

  • Holders of trade accounts receive credit cards and pay small fees each month. There is an option to pay your bill once a month.
  • Lowe’s receivable credit card lets you pay completely monthly. 
  • Lowe’s American Express card lets you receive rewards. You get a bonus when you buy in the store or buy from external brands.

The American Express card delivers customer support daily and for seven days. You may pay for purchases with the card each month or allow interest charges on the balance.


Lowes pro desks increase production and save time for companies and Professionals. The catalog of assorted equipment for pros is affordable. You earn cash back for buying things with a Lowes American Express card in external shops.

Lowes Pro Desk 

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