Road vantage tire warranty- About road vantage 

Here we will see about the Road vantage tire warranty


When purchasing any product or service, we look for all the benefits we can. Right from discounts and offers to after-services if any, we constantly scout for the best and most productive item of the category. Companies have understood the smart way in which customers shop. Therefore, they too have devised smart strategies for their products that will enhance business further. Sales, warranty, check-ups, replacements, repairs, and servicing are among the many perks we look for in various products. While each may differ, they have their benefits to call ideal which distinguish them from similar products in the lot. That’s how we choose and that is how companies sell. 

Road vantage tire warranty


Among the many perks, a warranty is a crucial, necessary, and top-listed one. Most products have a warranty whether small or big, movable or fragile. It is common and known to many. Therefore, before choosing brands, we tend to look at the perks of the warranty soon after we recognize quality. When you’re talking about products that are constantly on the run or even parts of the product, warranty matters all the more. Think engines, tires, motors that are used in many mechanical products, and so on. This article talks about Road vantage tire warranty. Read all the information you want below:

About road vantage 

When it comes to driving, nothing beats a smooth and sleek drive across the roads. However, there is a lot that goes into working to achieve that effect. Technology is working at its best in so many aspects to make driving quick and smooth. Road vantage is a company that deals in F&I products and services to give you exceptional treatment as a customer and make sure your drive is effortlessly pleasurable. To maintain the passion for driving and to create opportunities that are safe and unique is what Road vantage strives toward. Right from vehicle contracts to coverage and ancillary products, Road vantage has some of the best strategies lined up for their customers. Moreover, with potential offers, rewards, plans, and policies, the company has achieved brilliant milestones and gained the trust of thousands of loyal customers. 

Road vantage tire warranty

As many will agree, tires are one of the most used and tried elements of any vehicle. No one can deny the constant contact it has with many surfaces of different textures under different conditions. One can only imagine how crucial it would be to have a secure tire warranty in place to avoid unimaginable expenditure over smallest to greatest repairs and other reasons. 

Like many companies, road vantage has its tire warranty. They also call it the tire and wheel coverage. It is meant to protect and look after your tires and wheels and provide any services required in the right and professional manner. To begin with, the road vantage tire warranty does not charge any deductible fees for repairing or replacements including mounting, balancing, and the many tedious processes that are encountered to fix and improvise tires. There are no extra charges on labor, tax, sales, or any other kind so you can visit with your vehicle without any worries as much as required. 

Additionally, road vantage tire warranty also covers damages under certain conditions:

  • Road hazards
  • Blowouts, nails, glass, potholes, and debris
  • Curb Damage and Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Cosmetic wheel coverage 

Road vantage’s cosmetic wheel coverage is another plan offered by the company for added warranty for tires. In this sense, there is more that is covered for your tires under this plan:

  • 1.A repair process that restores your wheels.
  • 2.Repairs scrapes, scratches, and nicks caused by curb damage
  • 3.If not repairable, the wheel will be replaced

Note that, under this plan wheel covers, alloy, chrome, and chrome-clad wheels are all covered and apply for the repairs above. 


A manufacturer knows their products their best. Moreover, the company from which you purchase products will be able to truly identify its potential and capacity and enhance the same. When it comes to automotive and tires, any user would want to go to the company’s team to fix issues rather than visit different mechanics or garages. With a convenient tire warranty and many other programs and policies at road vantage, make your experience smooth and hassle-free at all times!


  • How many years is road vantage’s tire warranty? 

Like other companies, the road vantage tire warranty is for around 3 years. However, this may differ depending on the miles covered. Additionally, even the model or product may also have a difference in the period.

  • Does road vantage have any full protection plan? 

Yes. Road vantage has a popular protection plan called the ‘Preferred Plus Protection’ which covers all parts of your vehicle, interior, and exterior. It also has added benefits compared to the individual and regular plans. 

Road vantage tire warranty- About road vantage 

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