Does Stanley Steemer Clean Microfiber Couches?

Nobody likes to live in a dirty house. We all are fed up with seeing our dirty carpets, tiles, and ducts just lying there and making us feel inferior about our homes. And it is such a tough task to clean carpets and such items. but don’t worry, Stanley Steemer is there for our rescue. Stanley Steemer is one of the oldest running companies based in Dublin, Ohio, and was established in 1947. Let’s know ‘Does Stanley Steemer Clean Microfiber Couches?’

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Microfiber Couches?

Different types of cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning means removing the dirt and oils from the fabrics of your carpets, rugs, sofas, or other furniture. It is simply the process of deep cleaning the material. The process may sound simple but it is not. It is a complex process done with equipment specially designed for upholstery cleaning.

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

The tiles and grout cleaning involves the use of steam cleaners. Steamer cleaners are an effective way to clean grout and remove stains from various types of floors. Steam cleaners can work on bathroom floors, tiles, marble, and laminate flooring. Steam cleaners can also be used on clothes to remove stains and steam them.

  • Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are the wide and thick rugs that cover your floor. These rugs pick up dirt easily and can make your look room dirty and stinky. These rugs can be cleaned using the hot water extraction method. It is a professional cleaning process that extracts all the dirt and germs from your rug. 

  • Air Vent and Duct Vacuuming

Air Vent and ducts are so difficult to clean by ourselves because it’s complex. But Stanley Steemer makes it so easy for you. They open all the ducts and vents and clean them. Then they use a vacuum to thoroughly clean and sanitize them. In this way, the ducts and vents are cleaned and maintained.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Microfiber Couches?

If you have any microfiber furniture at home like a microfiber couch, you must be wondering how microfiber furniture is cleansed? You can also clean yourself, but the list of materials, tools, and equipment required is very long. And the energy you will waste cleaning the couch. Well, it’s a long process but Stanley Steemer has you covered.

Stanley Steemer cleans microfiber couches. The steps that are involved in cleaning a microfiber couch are: –

  1. Vacuum

The first step is vacuuming. The workers are going to vacuum the fabric of the couch to remove the superficial dirt. It removes everything from the couch, even from the crevices and stitched seams. These little details matter.

  1. Using a cleaning solution

Now that all the superficial dirt is removed from the couch, it is time to apply the cleaning solution and spray it on the couch. It is an alcohol solution that cleans the couch.

  1. Scrubbing

After the fabric of the couch is damp with rubbing alcohol, the couch is scrubbed to remove all the dirt, oils, and odor from it. The scrubbing is done using a sponge to prevent damaging the microfibers of the couch.

  1. Drying and Fluffing

This is a fun process to watch. In this, the couch is air-dried and then vacuumed to remove all the moisture. Then the couch is fluffed using a brush to lift the microfibers and make it soft and fluffy.

This is a tiring and difficult task to do on your own. The amount charged by Stanley Steemer to clean your microfiber couch depends on the size of the couch. The average amount charged for cleaning microfiber couches lies within the range of $70 to $85. Whereas big-sized sofas can be cleaned for $100-$150.


Stanley Steemer is an American cleaning company that is known to clean all your dirty tiles, floors, carpets, couches, and other stuff. Stanley Steemer also sells cleaning products to clean your homes and offices. It is known to restore water damage. You can also get your microfiber stuff like sofa and carpets cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1What is included in the $99 Stanley Steemer specials deal?

The Stanley Steemer special $99 deal is that you can get your three carpets cleaned, each of a maximum size of 300 sq ft. Stanley Steemer hasn’t cleared about the other terms and conditions to avail of this special deal. You can call and reach out to them about the deal.

Q2 Is Stanley Steemer capable of cleaning hardwood floors?

Yes, to clean the hardwood floors, devices used by skilled technicians are a high-speed rotary brush and cleaning solution. The high-speed brush is capable of reaching small crevices and the cleaning solution dilutes tough dirt and toxins. After this, scrapers and sponges trap the dirt, and then a powerful vacuum extracts the excess cleaning solution and dust from the floor.

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Microfiber Couches?

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