Is Parks and Rec on Hulu?

Being an ardent fan of the show, Parks and Recreation, is not an easy thing. From Leslie Knope’s perseverance (which can seem quite annoying sometimes) to Ron Swanson’s comedic detachment, sprinkled with April and Andy’s comic duo- the fans of Parks and Rec have a lot on their plates to fangirl over! However, the show’s limited popularity, for instance, when compared to The Office, can pose as a kind of a downer since it further limits the availability of the show on most OTT platforms. Nevertheless, without further delay, let us look at is Parks and Rec is on Hulu or not?

Is Parks and Rec on Hulu?

Does Hulu have Parks and Recreation?

Back in 2020, there was a collective disappointment apparent in Parks and Recreation’s fans when they realized that the comedy sitcom was being removed from Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon Prime! With no platform left to watch the sitcom on, the fans turned to DVDs, Peacock by NBC, and YouTube. However, these were not as comfortable as watching the show on OTT platforms that have become quite popular and easy as well. 

Nevertheless, as an ardent fan of the sitcom, you may be ecstatic to know that you can watch Parks and Recreation on Hulu. In fact, if you do not have Hulu’s subscription yet, you can have a 7-day free trial run and see if it fits your cup of tea or not! Moreover, Hulu also has in store for you the reunion episode of the cast from Parks and Recreation!

What are the Subscription Plans Provided by Hulu?

Hulu claims that in their subscription plans, there are no long-term commitments, cancellation fees, or hidden costs as such, and along with this, you can easily switch from one plan to the other without any hassle! Hulu majorly offers four subscription plans that cater to your needs and budget. Without further delay, let’s get right to it!

  1. Ad-supported Plan: Hulu offers this ad-supported plan at just $6.99 per month. This plan also gives you access to the streaming library, but, as the name suggests, not without any ads! This plan is one of the basic ones and is very cost-effective.
  1. Hulu (No Ads): Other than the ad-supported plan, Hulu also offers a no-ads subscription for just $12.99 per month. One of the advantages of this plan, as is obvious by the name, is that you will not be disturbed by ad breaks!
  1. Hulu + Live TV with Disney + and ESPN +: If you wish to watch additional on-demand content and live streams from news channels, sports channels, and entertainment channels, then you can get this plan without a second thought! And not just this, you can watch content that is there on Disney+ and ESPN+. You can get this plan for $69.99 per month.
  1. Hulu (no ads) + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+: With $75.99 per month, you can get access to Hulu’s streaming library and the content available on Disney+ and ESPN+. However, bear in mind, that whatever content is not available on Hulu’s streaming library will still be laden with ads.

Besides these plans, you can also get Partner Add-ons (ESPN+ for $6.99 per month), Premium Add-ons (HBO Max for $14.99 per month; Cinemax for $9.99 per month; SHOWTIME for $10.99 per month; and STARZ for $8.99 per month), and Network Add-ons (Espanol Add-on for $4.99 per month; Entertainment Add-ons for $7.99 per month; and Sports Add-on for $9.99 per month).

Where Else Can You Watch Parks and Rec?

If you have a bad experience with Hulu or think that it is too expensive for your taste or budget, do not fret for there are other platforms that you can watch the sitcom on! 

  1. Netflix: Although back in 2020, Parks and Recreation was removed from Netflix, popular demand (and the fact that it is quite funny) brought it back! So, if you already have a Netflix subscription, you need not have to wonder anymore. You can easily watch the sitcom on Netflix by taking any one of the plans that it offers!
  1. Amazon Prime: Again, after being removed from Prime, Parks and Rec has made a phenomenal entry back to Prime! What’s more interesting is that Prime offers budget-friendly plans and if you are not happy with the plans or the content offered by Hulu or Netflix, you can switch over to Prime. Here, you can not only watch Parks and Rec but also similar sitcoms like The Office, Mom, Two Broke Girls, and more!
  1. Peacock by NBC: Other than the above-mentioned options, you can consider getting a Peacock subscription to watch your favorite sitcom.

Besides these, you can watch the hilarious Leslie Knope trying to be a good government servant and the best of friends on Comedy Central, FuboTV, Sling, iTunes, and Google Play!


Now that you know that Hulu does offer your favorite sitcom that renders you breathless from laughing too hard, you might want to get its subscription. You can choose from any of the four plans provided by Hulu and can also get premium add-ons and network add-ons. However, if you do not like the majority of the content offered by Hulu, you can then get your hands on Netflix, Prime, Peacock, Comedy Central, and the like. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Hulu’s subscription cost-effective?

The basic plan offered by Hulu costs only $6.99 per month.

  1. What are some similar shows to Parks and Rec?

You can watch The Office, Brooklyn 99, Community, The Good Place, Superstore, and How I Met Your Mother.

  1. Can I watch Parks and Rec on Prime?

Yes, it is available on Prime.

Is Parks and Rec on Hulu?

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