Dealer Tire Warranty- Mileage Warranty


Dealer Tire is an automotive company. At present, the company is owned by Bain Capital Private Equity. The parent company of the dealer tires is the Mueller Family. It was started as a rubber manufacturer in the local market of America in the year 1918. At present, the headquarters of the company is in Cleveland, Ohio. Moreover, the manufacturing units of the company are located in more than 10,000 cities around the world. The dealer tire manufacturing company is one of the largest tire suppliers of American automotive companies. It is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer and seller. The company sells its manufactured parts to individual customers, tire replacing units, vehicle manufacturing companies or businesses, travel agencies, and more. Let’s know about Dealer Tire Warranty.

Dealer Tire Warranty

Warranty on the Vehicle Tires

While purchasing a vehicle of any type from any store, the tires of that vehicle are one of the most important replacing parts. The durability of a vehicle also depends on the quality of the tires. The company has a separate warranty policy for all types of tires based on the material used in manufacturing these tires, mileage provided by these tires, etc. According to the warranty and exchange rules of the dealer tire company, the customers can get a free exchange on tires on completion of the period or beforehand damage of the item.

Dealer Tire Warranty and Exchange Policy

The dealer tire company offers different types of warranty on its tires. The company provides free exchange if the product is in the required warranty period. The common types of dealer tire warranty are the mileage warranty, uniformity warranty, and warranty on the material of try. Moreover, there are some conditions in which the company offers no protection to its customers. It is seen in situations of road hazards or accidents. The common types of the warranty period on tires are-

Mileage Warranty

The warranty on mileage given by the dealer tire company is of the largest duration as compared to other companies. Mileage refers to the distance covered by the company measured in terms of

miles. The warranty is around 75,000 miles. The company is likely to offer a free exchange of the tires after the completion of this target.

Warranty on Material

The company manufacturers a wide range of different types of tires. It also includes a wide variety of tires based on the material used to manufacture the products. These items include silica, natural rubber, steel, synthetic rubber, polyester, and black carbon. The tires made from natural rubber are commonly used in home vehicles like cars. The limited duration of the warranty on these tires is five to seven years. Moreover, the warranty on tires made from synthetic rubber is seven to ten years.

Uniformity Warranty

This warranty is given if some manufacturing defect is detected in the vehicle or the tires. Due to this manufacturing malfunction, the smoothness of the functions of the tires decreases. It also causes unavoidable vibrations while traveling it increases the chances of inevitable accidents or misplacement of the tires. These manufacturing defects can be identified within one month of purchasing and using the tires.

Conditions not Eligible For Warranty of Dealer Tires

Road Hazard Warranty

The company’s warranty and exchange policy do not deal with the warranty, exchange, or return of tires or other parts on the damages caused due to the road hazards. These road hazards include the injuries caused by uneven roads, snags, obstacles like debris, nails, or stones, and damage caused because of abrasions or impact breaks. Moreover, the company does not protect customers against punctures or rubber failure under natural and reasonable circumstances.

Warranty on Trial Period

Many vehicle manufacturing companies allow test driving of some vehicles of the same type of purchased vehicle. The tire company is not responsible for the damage caused during the trial of the vehicles. The warranty and exchange policy of the company does not extend to the first or second copy of the tires. Therefore only original items are protected under the warranty of dealer tires.


The dealer tire company is the most reliable tire manufacturing and selling brand in America, the United States, Canada, and Asia. The company is known for manufacturing the best-suited vehicle tires at affordable prices. The company also serves as a provider for many vehicle manufacturing companies and units in America and Canada. It has grown over the years to become the most trusted tire manufacturer. Moreover, the tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle covered under the warranty period. Good quality tire enhances a person’s driving experience and also offers a safe and secure your. The warranty of the dealer tire based on mileage is one of its warranties which covers 75,000 miles. The company offers its customers free servicing of tires, replacement, and exchange if any damage is caused to the tire within the warranty period of the product.

Dealer Tire Warranty- Mileage Warranty

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