Does Ace Hardware Make Keys?


Ace Hardware is a famous American hardware retailer which is currently titled one of the world’s largest hardware sellers. Ace is famous for offering its customers satisfactory DIY products ranging from plumbing equipment, paint supplies, and key cutting. So, Does Ace Hardware Make Keys? let’s find out.

Does Ace Hardware Make Keys?

Keys at Ace Hardware 

According to 2022 data, Ace Hardware provides keys for all kinds of locks. Ace Hardware provides its customers with an efficient key-cutting service with an affordable price range from $1.50 to $5 (in the case of standard keys). Customers can choose from a wide array of keys. Customers are also given the option of buying extra accessories such as key chains and rubber covers from their nearest Ace Hardware store stop


As already mentioned above, the cost of getting a key made at Ace Hardware can be as minimum as $1.50. It completely depends on what type of key the customers want to get made. A single-sided key, for example, will be cheaper in comparison to a double-sided key. 

Customers can enquire about the prices by contacting their nearest Ace Hardware store because prices can differ from store to store. In the case of a more complex key, such as a car key, the cost of making it can increase up to $8 due to the complexity of the process. Similarly, other keys such as FOBs will also have a higher price. 

The Locksmith Service

In addition to providing key-making services, Ace Hardware also provides its customers with an additional service of a locksmith at all its locations. The locksmith at every Ace Hardware branch will offer customers key replacement and re-keying services, along with the standard Ace Hardware service of key cutting. The locksmith can also provide customers with a new key as a replacement for their old one. This service can benefit customers if they are stuck in an emergency like getting locked out of their cars and not being able to find their car keys/their keys being inside the car. 

Other Services By Ace Hardware 

In case customers need a new mailbox key, Ace Hardware offers them new locks on their mailbox instead. This will save customers from the time-consuming process of getting a new key. In case customers simply want a duplicate mailbox key, Ace Hardware can assist them by providing them with a duplicate key at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, if customers are unsure what key to use for a certain lock, they can search and buy it on Ace Hardware’s online website. 

Ace Hardware’s key cutting service has an upper hand in comparison to other companies who offer similar service, since Ace Hardware technicians are professionally trained to duplicate all types of keys, from standard keys to FOBs and auto chip car keys, to accuracy. Ace Hardware is a part of the minority group of franchised retailers where customers can request to get a duplicate of any sort of key (house keys, car keys, mailbox keys, and so on).


Ace Hardware company provides its customers with an efficient and excellent service of key cutting (the process of making a duplicate key). With trained technicians and locksmiths at every branch, Ace Hardware ensures that their customers can get original/duplicate keys without any hassle.

Customers can get a duplicate of any key they wish from standard keys (like house keys) to complex keys (like car keys) at an affordable rate of $1.50 (for standard keys) to $8 (for complex keys). Ace Hardware offers its customers

-Original key of a lock

-Duplicate keys (as mentioned above)

-Replacement for lost keys  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question1) Can Ace Hardware stores duplicate a Do Not Duplicate key?

Answer) Yes, but not all Ace Hardware stores offer this service. Even though it is not advised to not duplicate a Do Not Duplicate (since these keys are majorly used for securing locks that have confidential/sensitive information and materials) some Ace Hardware stores might agree to duplicate these keys. 

Even though customers may have access to getting a DND key duplicate, they are advised not to do so since this can lead to theft.

Question2) Do Ace Hardware stores offer car keys?

Answer) Yes. As already mentioned in the article, Ace Hardware does offer car keys to its customers. Ace Hardware offers its customers a wide array of different car model keys. Customers can either request a duplicate key or a replacement. They will be provided with their desired key in a matter of minutes by professionally trained technicians at the Ace Hardware branch. 

Customers are advised to search for their car key at the Ace Hardware website before visiting their nearest Ace Hardware branch. This will allow customers to save time and energy. 

Question3) Are keys provided by Ace Hardware of good value?

Answer) The price range of accessing the key cutting service at Ace Hardware store is no different from other hardware retailers in the American market. On the contrary, Ace Hardware offers customers a broader range of keys in comparison to other stores. The price range for key cutting services is similar from one retailer to the other, but Ace Hardware offers the best value for both products and the key cutting service within the American market.

Question4) Does Ace Hardware offer accessories with keys?

Answer) Yes, Ace Hardware does provide its customers with key accessories which include key chains and rubber covers. Furthermore, Ace Hardware also offers keys made in various prints and colors. To make a customer’s experience memorable and worth it, Ace Hardware produces a wide range of choices amongst accessories. 

Does Ace Hardware Make Keys?

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