Easyjet Customer Service- How To Contact?

Many prominent airport magazines have reposted that repeat customers are noticed in those flights which provide good customer care. Often the delay of flights can be due to weather conditions or other political factors. In such situations, it is noted that the crew which is a vital part of the service helps ease the situations in most cases. Easyjet despite being a low-cost carrier provides decent customer care service to all passengers. Let’s know about Easyjet Customer Service.

Easyjet Customer Service

Easyjet customer care service deals with four main issues- the latest travel information about flight timings and delays, dealings with bookings, baggage information, and special assistance. To assist its passengers, it also launched the Easyjet app in 2018. 

How To Contact EasyJet Customer Care Service?

The customers can contact EasyJet management on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Before boarding the flight EasyJet personally sends a message on the personal contact information of the passenger. The message gives the following details- date and time of boarding flight, flight no, check-in time, and general instructions around baggage and things to avoid traveling. 

Passengers can contact EasyJet through social media handles, phone no., email, or registering a query through the EasyJet app. Passengers can also directly go to the Easyjet website. On the bottom right corner, there is an EasyJet bot present. Users can directly chat with the automated bot to clear their queries. The social media handles of Easyjet are as follows: –

  • Instagram- @easyJet
  • Facebook- @easyJet
  • Twitter- @easyJet
  • YouTube- EasyJet
  • LinkedIn- EasyJet

The email id of EasyJet is as follows- customer.support@easyJet.com. Customers can directly send their queries via email. They may call the EasyJet customer service by dialing its country-specific toll-free phone number. Customers from the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Croatia, and Germany may call them between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm as per the local time.

EasyJet Covid19 Help Team

Keeping in mind the changing circumstances around us, EasyJet has specially made a Covid19 support team for its customers. The help center assists its passengers through the guidelines for a Covid19 test, quarantine, documentation regarding vaccination, and different rules for the passenger’s destination.

If the passenger is from the UK or traveling to the UK, EasyJet helps him/her to get National Travel Health and Network Centre information mandatory upon reaching the United Kingdom. 

Its customer care service frequently issues guidelines following FCDO instructions. Foreign Travel advice is subject to frequent change depending on the destination and external conditions. The team at EasyJet regularly keeps an eye on the latest issued guidelines and keeps informing its passengers either through email, SMS or through call.

EasyJet Holidays Team

As the summer vacation, months of every country are filled with tourists and jam-packed flights it becomes difficult for air staff and crews to handle them. Thus for the convenience of both the passengers and aircrew, EasyJet formed a special holiday planning team.

The team’s main function is to help the passenger’s holiday package plan, book flights beforehand and in some instances help them in booking hotels and entire travel spots. If a customer books his flight through EasyJet, he also gets a discount of 20-40% on all bookings.

Expanding The Customer Base

Easyjet has offices all around the world. Operating as a low-cost carrier flight it has over 500+ locations. Its main office is located in Luton, United Kingdom. By 2022, it says that it will be operating from Spain and Portugal.

This does not come as a surprise as the initial vaccination fear has subsided and businesses have started to open up. By 2033, it aims to open more than 10 seasonal bases all over Europe. By keeping its prices reasonable to expand its customer base, EasyJet has been able to thrive in a cluttered airline business successfully.

They are also known for compensating their customers in cash and kind if flights are delayed. This business and marketing strategy has proved useful for EasyJet in the long run as people have provided positive feedback.


Airport customer service depends not only on in-flight but also on the crews on the ground and call. EasyJet is in the business for the last 20 years. Being with giant players like Qatar Airways, and Emirates. It has focussed on its target audience it has also provided customers the best service at affordable costs. Its presence in social media is also huge. It is also known for its professionalism and for dealing with its customers in a polite yet no-nonsense manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is Easyjet Available On Twitter?

Ans. Yes. Easyjet is available on all social media platforms.

Q.2 Does Easyjet Provide Discounts On Holiday Packages?

Ans. Yes. Easyjet provides discounts on holiday packages. The discount ranges between

 10% to 40% off.

Easyjet Customer Service- How To Contact?

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