Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

All the stores of Walgreens, having NFC-enabled payment technology, a contactless payment that a customer initiates by tapping on the cell phone at the terminal of the payment, which passes encrypted information to and back, and the payment is done, accept Google Pay. It accepts Samsung Pay also because it has an MST facility also. If You use Walgreens Balance Rewards with Google Pay, you can earn points on your purchases.Walgreens allows its customers to purchase with all types of payments. Walgreens accepts all electronic and digital transfer modes of payments, like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, debit cards, and credit cards. It also gives you the facility for utilising, and paying through Walgreens gift cards and rewards points, and making payments for your purchases. Walgreens has a reputation for quick and immediate service. So, people often rush to Walgreens stores to get urgent medication. Google Pay gives you the facility to make payments fast, safe, and efficiently. For customer convenience, it accepts Google Pay across all its other operations also; on the app, website, pharmacy, and at the drive-through. Let us know about ‘Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?’.

Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

Google wallets can store your current account balance 

You can keep the information of your current Walgreens rewards account balance in the wallet of Google and then add it to it after each qualifying purchase. Walgreens started as a food store in 1901, but now it has expanded its horizons over time. Google Pay is fast and user-friendly.

Walgreens accepts Samsung Pay also at all of its stores that have the facility of using those devices which are NFC-enabled at the payment counters. If you are using an old version of phone for the payment, and with that use Magnetic Secure Transmission technology, Walgreens will accept Samsung Pay only and not any other mode of payment.

Use of Samsung Pay at the stores and online at Walgreens

Samsung Pay works with approximately all the systems of payment like NFC, and magnetic stripe, whereas the chip-based card works on Euro Pay, MasterCard, and Visa terminals. Samsung Pay makes it easy to pay using your phone at certain places. You are required to use an actual credit or debit card only by tapping your phone or watch to pay without any contact.

Samsung Pay gives you more benefits than others

Samsung Pay offers one very significant magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) feature over Apple Pay and Google Pay which is a magnetic secure transmission. Samsung Pay allows you to pay anywhere for things even at the older non updated terminals not compatible with no contact payments.But in 2021 the US has phased out MST making Samsung Pay less of an essential choice on Android.

Other modes of payment that Walgreens accept

For purchase at a Walgreens store, you can pay in cash, and with Walgreens Gift Cards. For online mail orders, they will also accept PayPal. At Walgreens’ drive-through purchase, if the payment is made through Apple Card, you get 3% cashback. Walgreens also accepts AfterPay at Amazon through the app. 

Restrictions of payment at Walgreens 

Since January 2022, Walgreen Company has decided not to accept more than 35 million credit cards from American Express due to the high service fees that merchants are required to pay. 

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay also

Walgreens accepts Apple Pay as well because it is a convenient method of payment, as you have to use your iOS device only. It is safer than using a credit card because you don’t even need to enter the details of your payment, and you can even get rewards points after using Apple Pay at Walgreens.


Walgreens came into existence in 1901 as a humble food store and gradually expanded its wings over the years. Walgreen Company, the next largest company after CVS Health with 9200 locations, is a US company operational as a medicines store chain. Its specialties lie in completing prescriptions, health care products, health information, and photo services.  Walgreens was founded by Charles Rudolph Walgreen in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois, the United States. Walgreens Boots Alliance is its parent organization, and its subsidiaries are Duane Reade, Boots, Option Care Enterprises, etc.

  • Does Walgreens provide international services?

No, Walgreens neither offers international services nor does it accept credit cards out of the United States. 

  • How can you purchase for the mail delivery?

Walgreens Photo lets you pay for purchases for mail delivery via a PayPal account. PayPal is a secure way to send and receive money online with or without entering a credit card number. 

  • When did Walgreens start Android Pay?

Primarily Walgreens began to integrate the Android Pay platform at all its stores.The users can download Android Pay from the Google Play store. 

  • How frequently do people use Walgreens?

The majority of people have used Walgreens, either in any of its clinics to avail of a healthcare service or for vaccination.


Does Walgreens Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

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