Does home depot buy used tools?

Does home depot buy used tools?

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Originally commenced as a ‘Hardware Store’, Home Depot is the Largest House Improvement Retailer in the world situated in Northern America. The basic services of this Brand are to supply, construct, transfer and exchange tools and equipment for Home Repairs. It was Co-founded by Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah in the year of 1968. After 23 years of its continuous performance, Home Debut had become the top competitor in the market, and the secret of its non-stop success lies in the aspiration to provide better for its customers, shareholders, and associates.Does home depot buy used tools?

During its starting years, Home Depot used to perform all kinds of exchanges due to the necessity of good traffic for the Brand. But in 2022, Home Depot does not Buy used tools. However, if one wants to know other options, then here’s fortunate information. Home Depot sells reconditioned tools to the customer at a very low price. Above that, Costumers can hire Power Tools for a particular amount of time and then return it.

Types Of Tools

Home Depot deals with the following types of tools:

Used Tools

Defective tools, deprecated with time, and used thoroughly for a specific activity are known as Used tools. Most of them are bought/sold at a price lower than their beginning rate.

Reconditioned/Refurbished Tools

Reconditioned/Refurbished tools are those tools that are returned by a customer to its retailer/place of purchase due to a defect or because the customer changed its preference and wanted a different tool. In Most Cases, the product will be used very little or not at all.

Some Common Reconditioned Tools Sold By Home Depot Are:

  • Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Miter Saw
  • Multipurpose Tool Machine
  • Laser
  • Toolkit
  • Sander

Can One Return Used Tools At Home Depot?

It will be surprising to know that even though Home Depot does not buy used tools from customers, it does accept a variety of things in return. One can return almost anything, whether the tools are used or as shiny as new. However, there are some rules that one needs to keep in mind before returning anything.

  • Do not return a product to a purchase place from where one hasn’t bought it.
  • Keep a receipt of the product, or else it will be difficult to justify the proof of purchase.
  • Try not to damage or defect the product. There may be chances where one cannot return overly used tools.
  • Do not buy the tool, use it for a particular job and then return it. It will be stated as an unscrupulous act.
  • Do not return Non-HD products.

Limitations For The Return In Home Depot

There are also certain limits for the return of a product in Home Depot. There are as follows:-

  • One should carry a card for return. If the tools are not much used, then the number of times to return a product is unlimited.
  • If one doesn’t have a receipt or a card, then there will be a particular limit to how often one comes to return a product. Past that limit, one can no longer return the product

However, some alternative sites that can buy used tools are Amazon, eBay, Local Manufacturing Sites, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Swappa, Offer up, and Gazelle. Some of these sites may not be available within the country, but one can always make an extra payment for import and exports of Used Tools across countries.


It is concluded that Home Depot does not buy tools that are damaged, deprecated, or used to an extent. However, many other websites accept the return at relevant conditions and rules. There are other options that a customer can expect from the brand and the most common of them is buying refurbished tools from Home Depot. It also has a decent return/exchange policy, non-package returns validation, and a return limit of a month after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can One Return Stuff To Home Depot Without Packaging? 

One can return the stuff without packaging if the stuff isn’t defected or damaged much. But there is a time limit for this sort of return. Generally, the return policy stays valid till 30 days after purchase.

What Does Home Depot Do With Returned Items?

Part of those tools goes in the back of their shelves, and the other part is returned to the manufacturer. There is a possibility that some of the relevant tools could be sold at a reasonable discount, however, the rest of them goes straight to the dumpster.

What Is Home Depot’s Return/Exchange Policy?

Many customers have stated that Home Depot has one of the best return/exchange policies. One can get their money back on their debit, credit, or cash payment within 90 days with the receipt. Without the receipt, one gets store credit on the last sale price. It is proved to be customer friendly.

Does home depot buy used tools?

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