Is IKEA coming to new Idaho or Boise?

IKEA was founded in Sweden by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad. It is the most popular furniture retail company in Sweden. IKEA offers modern designs of household furniture and appliances. The furniture is eco-friendly, well decorated, costly, and minimalistic. Let’s know ‘Is IKEA coming to new Idaho or Boise?’.

Is IKEA coming to new Idaho or Boise?

IKEA has extended its stores in many countries to increase its brand value, sales, and resources. IKEA presently has 427 stores across 52 countries. Market halls, Self-service furniture buying systems, showroom products in the flat-pack form are some of the distinct features of IKEA services.

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Among the other IKEA outlets, USA and Europe stores offer the majority of sales. IKEA uses its own sales technique called “bulla-bulla” which simply means to select jumbled-up items from bins situated in stores in IKEA.IKEA stores are typically coloured in blue buildings with yellow boundaries and large warehouses. These are Sweden’s national colours. 

IKEA stores spread to Europe, Switzerland, and West Germany. It has become a worldwide sensation in its furniture retail business. 

Is IKEA coming to new Idaho or Boise?

Unfortunately, IKEA is not coming to United State Idaho or Boise:


  1. IKEA has its own business rules. It generally operates within 2 million citizen populated areas. It can only move into such dense areas. The population of Idaho or Boise is far below this. According to United State Census Bureau, the population in Idaho is the population of 183,9106 on July 1st, 2020 which is lower than IKEA’s business requirement area.
  2. IKEA mainly situates stores within a 40-60 mile radius and its store is generally covered a business area of 300,0000 square feet as in a large metro area. It is because of the lack of space IKEA is not coming into Idaho or Boise. 
  3. It strategically places its stores in high profitable areas. Idaho or Boise does not fit into this.
  4. Mainly populated cities and suburb areas are under its main aim. Idaho or Boise does not fit into this criteria.
  5. The other states are home to over 2 million people but Idaho or Boise is less populated.
  6. It does not make any financial sense as there will not be any financial demand in less populated areas like Idaho or Boise.
  7. Even restaurant outlets of IKEA cannot be built in Idaho or Boise because of logistical challenges so foods cannot be delivered fresh and frozen. 

Delivery Service and online opportunities :

  • IKEA delivery service can deliver furniture and appliances to most US locations, even those without IKEA stores. 
  • Idaho and Boise can still avail the opportunity to buy household furniture and home appliances online. 
  • IKEA has its restaurant business option also. The online website of IKEA has given the opportunity to buy items online to people of such places where bricks and mortar stores are not present. All products are available for home delivery.
  • IKEA has also increased its various payment options for online delivery of furniture on its website. Rival retailers are increasingly attracting more shoppers. So IKEA starts to offer other sales offers to the customers to buy its products. 
  • Idaho is located in the center of the USA so the nearest IKEA store available is Galleria Drive in Nampa or in Utah. Persons who are missing the opportunity to buy from IKEA’s bricks and mortar store can reach its nearest such stores are situated in Nampa, Galleria Drive or Meridian area, or in Utah. The persons who are living in the North-Western region may prefer to visit the IKEA store in other locations.


IKEA company coined the term ‘democratic design’ meaning that the company applies an integrated approach to manufacturing and design. 

Due to the recent population explosion, mass consumerist culture, and material expectations in 20 and 21st centuries, the company implements economies of scale and offers an integrated approach to manufacturing and design. IKEA has recently launched a medium-density fibreboard also called a “particle board” to cut down costs. 

In recent years IKEA is trying to extend its stores in Latin America including Chile, Columbia, and Peru. The thought is very attractive for residents in Idaho or Boise if IKEA is coming or not. If the idea is becoming to reality then it can be an addition to the city’s grandeur. 

IKEA can establish in the city if Idaho or Boise is growing its population. Sadly, IKEA has no plans to start its business stores in Idaho or Boise as the population rate is below its business requirements. So more the people settle in Idaho or Boise, the bigger companies such as IKEA, Amazon will start to notice. 

Huge pay on delivery rates and a newly started service called ‘assembled’ service is available to deliver the furniture and home appliances to Idaho or Boise.

A local brand has made it easy for residents to order from IKEA. Residents can still order IKEA furniture goods and home appliances, restaurant orders to their door online or they can travel to nearest stores in Nampa.

Is IKEA coming to new Idaho or Boise?

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